A child’s hearing influences language development.

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It’s hard for infants to judge sounds on their own, so hearing problems…

Even if you have it, it’s hard to detect it early. The development of hearing…

Most of them end before the age of 2, so early detection and treatment of hearing loss are crucial.

That’s what they say. How to test your hearing.

Let me introduce.

Hearing determines a child’s language development.

It’s a very important factor. If you can’t hear it, the child can’t imitate the sound you hear.

Moon… Especially when you’re learning a language, hearing loss at the age of three is very serious.

Causes problems. The following is a table summarizing the degree of hearing and language development by age.​

Until 9 months.

I listen to it repeatedly or say simple words like mom and dad.

You will understand after listening to it.

Until 10 months.

At this point, I start babbling. For adults to listen to it’s…

I can’t say what it means, but a child talks…​

Until 12 months.

Use one to two words clearly.

Until 18 months.

I use at least 20 words or as many as 50 words.

C. Repeat the name of an object to the child.

You will understand when you teach.

Until 24 months.

It’s a sentence connected with 150 words.

I’ll express it. I’ll read you a picture book.

If you play a song, you can concentrate and listen to the sound.

It’s me.

3 to 5 years old.

Use more than 1,000 words to write complex sentences.

I do. I understand what most people say.

You can express your feelings and arguments.

They also ask questions about objects of doctors.

How to test hearing loss that my mom can do.

♣ Infant test under one year of age: Not interested in the sound of toys or the words of people around you, door open and close.

Even if you don’t respond to your mom’s voice or make loud noises,

If you are not surprised and don’t babble, you should suspect hearing loss.

♣ Tests over two years of age: Watch TV very closely, or toys, without looking at your name.

I can’t even ask them to bring it, and I speak a language like children of my age.

If you can’t follow your mom’s words, you have hearing problems.

♣ Risk factors of hearing loss: There is a hearing impaired person in the family. ② It was difficult or the delivery time would be long.

During pregnancy, my mother had a cold, rubella, etc. disease.

C. A premature baby was born underweight. ⑤ The baby has had scarlet fever or meningitis.

⑥ The baby has congenital malformations.

How to prevent hearing loss and maintain healthy hearing.

1. Be careful not to get water in your ears. If there’s water in it, listen down and it’s natural.

Let the crab flow out and wipe with a cotton swab.

2. Don’t pick your earwax. Earwax naturally comes out when it piles up, so there’s no need to force it out.

It’s done.

3. I don’t use earphones for a long time. Don’t use it for more than 20 minutes at a time. Turn up the volume.

I don’t do crab.​

4. Do not blow your nose on both sides at the same time. If you release it all at once, the pressure increases and germs can penetrate your ears.

There is.

5. Be careful not to catch a cold. Colds and allergic rhinitis can develop into otitis media and cause hearing loss.