Childhood obesity is related to diet.

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If your child eats high-calorie foods such as instant food and snacks,

It’s about thinking about how much calories you overindulge.​

In general, the recommended daily calorie intake is 1400kcal for those aged 3 to 5 and 1,500kcal for those aged 6 to 8 as follows.

If you eat it, it’s well over 2,000kcal.​

Example) Breakfast: Half a bowl of rice, 1/3 bowl of beef seaweed soup, 2 pieces of French fries, 6 pieces of ham ☞ 500kcal. Lunch:

Half bowl of jajangmyeon ☞ 350kcal. Dinner: Half a bowl of rice, half a bowl of soybean paste stew, half a tonkatsu.

Dog ☞ 360kcal. Snacks: a cup of milk, a bag of cone corn, a hamburger, a cup of coke ☞ 880 kcal.

Total: 2090kcal.

Calculation method recommended per day.

♣ Infants and 1 to 3 years old: 110 kcal per kg. ♣ 4-6 years old: 90kcal per kg

♣ From 7 to 9 years old: 80kcal per kg is required.

So if our 4-year-old child weighs 15kg, 90kcal x 15=1350

It becomes kcal.​

Depending on the level of obesity,

It should be different (see the measurement of obesity in children below) If you are obese with mild symptoms, you can maintain your current weight.

It becomes normal with the intestines, but if you’re obese, take it actively.

We need to reduce calories.

It’s more difficult to maintain a reduced weight than to lose weight, so when you’re on a diet, in a short period of time,

You have to throw away the idea of ending it. Especially for growing children.

Reducing calories causes problems with growth itself, so 요리 change the cooking method or 고 high protein balance 간 liver

Mom’s tricks such as improving food are needed.

1. Changing the recipe.

♣ Add brown rice and grain when cooking rice. Brown rice mixed grains are rich in dietary fiber, which will make you feel full.

It can be done and contains various minerals, so you can balance nutrition.

♣ Instead of frying or stir-frying, we cook boiled food and seasoned food. If you fry or stir-fry the same potatoes, you can use cooking oil.

As it is used a lot, calories increase. My child hates boiled food and seasoned food.

Then, increase the texture with pretty ingredients such as bell peppers.

♣ Meat only uses lean meat without oil. When you cook chicken, you need to blanch the whole chicken and peel it.

I’ll remove it completely.

♣ Boil meat instead of baking it. Boil meat in a steamer, remove fat, and cook fish cake or ham.

Blanch sausages in boiling water before using them.​

2. Balancing high protein levels.

If you don’t eat fat unconditionally because it’s harmful, you may lack the basic energy needed for growth.

25% of the total energy consumed is fat, 55% is carbohydrate, and 20% is protein.

That’s the most ideal.

♣ Carbohydrates: It is essential for brain growth because it is a ingredient that makes the brain move.

Yes. There are many kinds of rice, bread, noodles, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, etc.

♣ Protein: It is an energy source that makes muscles and blood, and it is not stored in the body, so it is hard to store every day.

You have to eat it slowly. Various meat, eggs, shellfish, beans, tofu, etc.

♣ Calcium: It is essential for growing children because it is a main ingredient that forms bones and teeth. Anchovy, bang.

Calcium in fish jerky, small shrimp, milk, yogurt, especially seaweed, has a high intake rate.

♣ Vitamin: Helps absorb other nutrients and acts as brain activation, height growth, and skin protection. Sugar.

Muscles, spinach, cucumbers, lettuce, bean sprouts, grapes, tangerines, apples, and other vegetables.

♣ Dietary fiber: Foods rich in dietary fiber must be chewed a lot to swallow, so the meal time is long.

It is very effective for obesity because it loses and increases satiety. Peasants, burdock,

It is abundant in broccoli, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, apples, peanuts, almonds, etc.