Classic guitar vs acoustic guitar.

source : pixabay

1. Classic guitar vs acoustic guitar.

There seems to be no significant difference between classical and acoustic guitars compared to electric guitars, right? However, if you look closely, classical guitars have a wider neck and nylon strings than acoustic guitars. So if you play acoustic guitar songs on classical guitar, it’s harder to hold the cord because the neck is wide. In particular, finger-style guitar performances produce more difficult fingering shapes as they go to high-end songs, and if the neck is relatively wide, it may not be easy to hold and cry.

And unlike acoustic guitar, nylon strings are used, so there is a lot of difference in tone when playing. Classic guitars use nylon strings, so they have a bright and soft sound, while acoustic guitars’ unique strong and spreading feeling cannot be obtained.

2. Electric guitar vs acoustic guitar.

Electric guitar and acoustic guitar are not much different in neck thickness, but there is a big difference in body thickness. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars do not have an echo box, so the sound of the string converted into an electrical signal must be output through the amplifier through the pickup device. In other words, you can feel like ‘Am I playing?’ without electronic equipment.

And because there is a difference in the body, it is difficult to play like a hitting machine. The colorful guitar body performance from the movie Acoustic Rush! It’s hard with an electric guitar ㅠㅠ. Therefore, those who want to play the hitting machine should choose an acoustic guitar.

Like this, we briefly looked into the difference between acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and electric guitar. Each guitar has a different charm, and even if you use the same guitar, it depends on how you play it, so it would be good to think about what instrument you want to play and decide on the guitar. I think it would be better to listen to and set the best criteria for choice for each guitar. That’s because your interest in the guitar can continue for a long time. I hope that the questions of those who start playing #Guitar have been solved, and I will end this posting. Thank you.