Diet recipe that anyone can do.

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Greek plate of mixed greens.

Nowadays, Greek plates of mixed greens made of peta cheddar are well known, obviously, with thick unsweetened yogurt, which is flavorful yet lower in calories, and light plates of mixed greens with lemon vinegar, not salad dressing. ◈ Cooking Process: Cut vegetables into scaled down pieces. – > Add yogurt and season with lemon, salt, and pepper.

Tomato Capreze.

Basil is a planting pot that can be handily developed at home among spices, and have a go at slicing tomato crude mozzarella basil to make diet salad. ※ Cooking process: Cut new tomato cheddar into scaled down pieces. Make dressing with balamic vinegar, honey, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Chicken bosom cabbage.

※ Cooking Process: Boil chicken bosom, tear it with hands, season it with salt and pepper, and roll it with bubbled cabbage.

Bubbling cabbage.

For the cabbage that you eat a ton as an eating regimen, cut the thick wick meagerly prior to bubbling it.

It’s Gajimelanza.

Cooking Process: You can consider it to be a branch dish. Pan sear meat and pureed tomatoes, roll the daintily slashed branches, and add cheddar to it, which is likewise great as a conceivable wine nibble.

Japanese style.

The least difficult eating routine formula 조리 Cooking process: Put soy sauce, chives, and dried pollack on top of the delicate tofu.

Todalbok tomato egg pan-seared.

※ Cooking process: Season tomatoes with salt and pepper, pan sear them, and add a singed egg.

Tofu singed tofu rice balls.

It’s an eating regimen formula that was a hit for some time. ※ Cooking process: Mix well with tofu mash~> cucumber creme dung~> Wrap it in singed tofu #dietlunchbox.

Vegetable tofu wraps and rice.

※ It is a finger food blended in with squashed tofu and nuts, enveloped rice by bubbled vegetables, and finished off with squashed tofu preparing.