G-Dragon Tattoo Meanings

A G-Dragon tattoo 낙서타투 may have many meanings. Generally speaking, the symbol represents power, wisdom, solidarity, and protection. However, there is more to the meaning of this tattoo than meets the eye. Let’s explore some of the most common meanings of a G-Dragon tattoo.

G-Dragon is a symbol of protection

G-Dragon, a popular K-Pop star, was recently the subject of a disturbing Instagram post. In an “Observation Log” written by his girlfriend, he detailed his G-Dragon’s habits. The letter included the size of his underwear and shoes, the medicines he was taking, and the mental health hospital where he was staying.

It is not clear if G-Dragon got special treatment in the army, but it is possible to infer that he did. His treatment in a military hospital is not a typical treatment, and his enlistment was not without its perks. In the Dispatch, G-Dragon was being treated in a private room, which led to complaints of invasion of privacy. In addition, soldiers were reportedly watching over his every move.

G-Dragon has a long history of music, spanning over two decades. His concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center was his last for the current world tour, “Moment of Truth the End.” However, he will soon be heading off to Korea to serve his mandatory two-year military service. Though his career might be in jeopardy, the Korean music machine will continue to function without him. New artists are waiting in the wings to take his place.


When it comes to the power of music, G-Dragon definitely has the power to make people feel good. His newest album, GD&TOP, was released on Christmas Eve of 2010. This album is an example of his neo-soul influence and versatility, and it straddles several genres with ease. You’ll find Diplo-produced songs, such as “Knockout,” sitting next to dreamy synth-club bangers.

G-Dragon is one of the biggest stars of K-pop, and he is a member of the popular boy band Big Bang. The group has achieved massive success in South Korea and recently crossed the DMZ, a division between North and South Korea. While the members of the group are still free to record and perform, there is some uncertainty about their future. After being accused of breaking the law against prostitution, one of their members, Seungri, decided to leave the group.

Jennie Kim, a former member of the K-pop girl group Blackpink, has been seen attending Chanel shows for over a year. The couple have been covertly dating for a long time. Jennie is a model and has been promoting brands for the fashion industry.


The G-Dragon is a Korean singer, rapper, and businessman. In addition to being the leader of the K-Pop group Bigbang, he also built a massive entertainment company, YG, and completed military service. If you’re interested in gaining some knowledge about dragon energy, the Wisdom of the G-Dragon is a great tool to help you achieve that goal.


The Solidarity G-Dragon Tattoo is one of the most prominent tattoo designs seen on the left shoulder of the singer. It’s a multi-part design that spells out ‘TO_, GET_HER,’ ‘TOGETHER,’ and ‘PEACEMINUSONE’. It also features a large cross on the left calacle.

The tattoo’s meaning is not yet clear, but is often seen on social activist figures and celebrities. The G-Dragon tattoo, which is inspired by Keith Haring’s famous image, shows support for gay rights, opposition to nuclear war, and ending racism. The design also features eight stars, the artist’s name and his birthday.