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The difference between pilates and yoga.

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There’s a saying that the busier you are, the more time you should take.

For busy and urgent modern people, this may not be sympathetic, but at least it should be engraved in health care. In life, I often get stressed and pay attention to my immediate work. But at times like that, it is necessary to take your breath together and relax. And it is yoga that helps this behavior that feels difficult.

A few years ago, when a famous celebrity appeared on TV and showed yoga, the number of students at YOGA academies nationwide increased.

However, as more and more celebrities started Pilates, Pilates became the mainstream from a few years ago. However, rather than choosing exercise according to the trend, it is necessary to know the characteristics of exercise and choose what suits me.

The orientation is different.

One of the differences in yoga pilates is the goal. It can also be seen as a purpose, and the purpose of yoga is mental and physical training. The focus is on feeling your body, meditating, and objectively looking at your current state. It is important to feel the minute changes in the body through meditation and movements called Asana, so the expression training is used more than exercise.

However, the purpose of Pilates is rehabilitation.

The purpose is to develop balance and flexibility by using various instruments to correct the twisted or uncomfortable body. In particular, it focuses on strengthening core muscles such as abs and spinal muscles to develop overall balance and strength of the body.

The difference in breathing.

YOGA breathes slowly through the nose and focuses on controlling the body by inhaling and exhaling. Use your nose when inhaling, and when your ribs swell, open your chest wide to stretch your body, and when exhaling, use your nose to put your stomach back in.

However, in Pilates breathing, we use our chest and ribs. Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and use your chest angle. This is called chest breathing. If you are not familiar with breathing, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth regardless of the exercise method, which is not wrong, but in general, you inhale and exhale through your nose in yoga.


One of the differences in yoga pilates is whether or not to meditate. In your busy daily life, you have time to let go of your body and mind tired of stress and various misconceptions and look inside according to the flowing music. Yoga sometimes fills the class with meditation time, or meditates before moving.

Meditate before or after the first movement, focus on breathing, and control your mind. After these meditations, you can feel calm, relaxed, and relieved stress and tension.

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Types of cardio that are effective.

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Today, I’m going to talk about morning fasting aerobic exercise and the type of exercise that can be much more effective in losing weight even with the same time movement.


It’s the most representative activity that you can do without any equipment, without any difficult movements, without any particular time. You may think it’s simple, but jogging benefits a lot!

First of all, it is known to strengthen cardiopulmonary function and help lower blood sugar.

In addition, it is said to be a great help in breaking down the visibly invisible abdominal visceral fat!

However, it is much safer to run on a soft road like a dirt road because running on a hard road like asphalt or cement can strain your government seat.

You should pay particular attention to the shape of your feet when you run, and you have to touch the ground in the order of your heels, center of your feet, and toes throughout the run.

Please pay attention to this part because it shocks your knees no matter how much dirt you run through it!

In particular, if you need to be careful about your official residence, I would recommend cycling rather than jogging. It’s because there’s almost no load on the lower body!

They say that it is most important to choose the right size for you to see the effect with a bicycle.

If the saddle is too high than my height, I’m more likely to fall, and if it’s too low, it can consume more physical strength than I need, so I need to be careful!

Then, how can I know where the saddle is safely located saddle? When you drop your foot while sitting on the saddle, it is said to be the right position for the knee to bend slightly.

Climbing is said to have the effect of relieving accumulated stress, not just losing weight.

I think it’s because working while looking at the green trees and flowers itself gives a sense of mental stability!

However, it is an activity that is essential for the elderly or those with weak official teeth due to the high intensity.

However, from the effect alone, it is not an exaggeration to dismiss because it can consume about 400 kcal per hour.

Did you know that the effect doubles just by moving the time you do the above types of aerobic exercise yourself?

Right now is the time to introduce the advantages of morning fasting cardio.

Basically, our bodies are the first to use carbohydrates as kinetic energy among meals and snacks!

When you use all the carbohydrates, fat turns into kinetic energy.

They say that if we lose weight when this fat is burned, we must run and reduce carbohydrates.

If you do the above activities while there is no food left in your body and digestion is complete, fat is easy to use due to the reviews of carbohydrates being used to some extent.

If you eat breakfast, the carbohydrates that have disappeared with difficulty all night will be filled again, so exercising without eating breakfast will further improve the effect.

However, this method, which seems to have only benefits, also has two dark faces because the energy used after fat is protein.

When protein is used, it is not easy to build muscles, and if you don’t build muscles, elastic lines are not formed even if you are the same weight.

Protein combustion must be prevented.

So when I lose weight, I don’t work outside and do rowing machines at home. This is because it consumes 600 kcal per hour!

The biggest advantage of the rowing machine is that it burns much more calories than the type of aerobic exercise above, while at the same time developing muscles.

As you can see from the posture, the heartbeat naturally rises as you move your whole body, and accordingly, effective fat cutting is possible even in place without moving significantly.

And since it’s a movement that uses 85% of the body’s muscles,

No matter how active I am on an empty stomach, I don’t have to worry about my precious muscles disappearing.

In addition, since I don’t move while carrying my weight, I can pay attention to the fact that people who need to protect their knees, ankles, wrists, and back can easily access it!

I’ve been resting since my knees started to hurt recently, but thanks to the rowing machine, I’m doing cardio on an empty morning.

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How to keep your lung capacity healthy.

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Lung capacity refers to the amount of air sucked into the lungs (lungs) as much as possible and discharged again.

Lung capacity is a criterion for examining the health of the body.
Lung capacity is 2,500ml for women and 3,500ml for men in normal health conditions, but about 500ml for sleeping rest. In this regard, we will find out how to increase lung capacity, which is a measure of health, based on data such as “The Iron Dotcom.”

1. Exercise in the fresh air.

Lungs supply oxygen to the body and send carbon dioxide out. Exercise makes this process faster. The lungs become stronger and evolve more efficiently.

Of course, you should exercise when the air is clean. Studies have shown that breathing bad air for a short period of time also adversely affects lung function. You should exercise steadily to avoid bad air quality.

2. No smoking.

From lung cancer to respiratory diseases, smoking is the source of all problems. Naturally, it has a huge impact on lung capacity. You should quit smoking right away. Nine months after quitting smoking, lung capacity increases by at least 10%.

3. Breathing.

Breathe deeply and spit it out for a long. Too simple? But it’s really an exercise that makes your lungs healthy. It is also helpful to lean your back round, stand, inhale, stop for 10 seconds, and exhale.

4. Vitamin D.

Studies have shown that the higher the vitamin D level, the better the lung function. In summer, you can take the necessary vitamin D just by getting some sunlight, but in winter, the amount of sunlight is insufficient. Make sure to eat oil-rich fish, egg yolks, etc. Taking vitamin D supplements is also worth considering.

5. Singing a song.

Singing enhances lung function. According to the British Lung Foundation, singing is especially helpful for patients suffering from respiratory diseases.

6. Proper posture.

Studies have shown that sitting posture affects the lungs. Sitting bent down compresses the lungs and reduces lung capacity. Sit up straight. Proper posture also reduces back pain.

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Best foods that’s good for rhinitis.

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1. Water parsley.

I didn’t know because I wasn’t interested in water parsley.

Water parsley is allergic to rhinitis.

They say it’s so good.

Improving immunity.

It’s good for fatigue recovery.

You can wash it clean and eat it raw.

It is said that squeezing it with juice has a great effect.

2. Potatoes.

Potatoes that are called apples from the ground.

Vitamin C and D ingredients…

It’s rich, so it’s good for colds.

It has the effect of improving allergies.

It’s good for sensitive constitution.

It is said to be good for allergic rhinitis.

3. Lotus root.

Lotus root removes inflammation in the nasal mucosa.

I heard it’s effective.

It’s rich in vitamins and minerals.

Not only is it good for rhinitis,

It’s also good for people who get nosebleeds often.

4. Ginger.

Ginger is good for colds.

With pear and balloon flower.

If you have a cold or something good for your bronchial tubes,

I think it’s a food that I think about a lot.

Ginger is good for normalizing blood pressure and body temperature.

It’s good for strengthening your immune system.

It is said to be good for rhinitis and colds.

If you eat fruits that are good for colds or rhinitis,

I think the stomach comes to mind first.🤔

5. Kiwi.

Kiwi has a lot of vitamin C.

It’s a good fruit for rhinitis caused by vitamin deficiency.

It contains beta-carotene.

It also has an antioxidant effect.

6. Peach.

Peach is from rhinitis to sinusitis.

It’s good for preventing deterioration.

Moisture and dietary fiber.

It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

It’s good for fatigue recovery, so you can enjoy it.

8. Persimmon.

Children, senior citizens, and those with low immunity,

If you eat one or two a day,

It’s good for colds.

Even if you eat ripe persimmon or dried persimmons,

It is said that the same effect can be seen.

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How to get rid of tongue needles.

How to get rid of tongue needles. Food that’s good for tongue needles.

In order to remove or prevent the tongue needle, the first thing to do is to get enough rest to facilitate blood circulation and restore immunity. How to recover from stomatitis quickly is recommended to supplement vitamins by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and avoid hot, spicy, and salty foods because they can irritate your mouth. It is also helpful to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth with a gargle that has antibacterial effects. New foods such as plum, orange, tangerine, and red vinegar also help with stomatitis. And drink plenty of water.

If the pain is too severe, it is recommended to use a treatment for stomatitis on the market or visit a hospital to get a prescription for steroids. However, if your tongue lasts more than three weeks or occurs repeatedly in the same spot, other diseases such as oral cancer may be the cause, so it is recommended to see a specialist accurately.

The role of acupuncture?

There are many salivary glands in the mucous membranes on the four sides surrounding the mouth. It helps maintain humidity in the mouth and digest food. When the mouth becomes dry, it becomes an environment where not only tongue needles but also other oral diseases are likely to occur.

Saliva protects our body from germs in our mouths.

For saliva, lysosaim or lactoferrin peroxi.Antibiotics such as aze are produced, and if you are in poor condition, blood circulation becomes poor and salivary glands also have problems. As saliva does not produce well in the mouth and becomes vulnerable to infection from external bacteria, ulcers form and sprout like a tongue needle. Of course, regardless of saliva secretion, it can cause wounds due to lack of nutrients, or for physical reasons, a tongue needle can occur. There is snow papilla on the surface of the tongue, which is responsible for taste, and a small wound occurs in this area and rises red due to inflammation.