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How to keep your lung capacity healthy.

source : pixabay

Lung capacity refers to the amount of air sucked into the lungs (lungs) as much as possible and discharged again.

Lung capacity is a criterion for examining the health of the body.
Lung capacity is 2,500ml for women and 3,500ml for men in normal health conditions, but about 500ml for sleeping rest. In this regard, we will find out how to increase lung capacity, which is a measure of health, based on data such as “The Iron Dotcom.”

1. Exercise in the fresh air.

Lungs supply oxygen to the body and send carbon dioxide out. Exercise makes this process faster. The lungs become stronger and evolve more efficiently.

Of course, you should exercise when the air is clean. Studies have shown that breathing bad air for a short period of time also adversely affects lung function. You should exercise steadily to avoid bad air quality.

2. No smoking.

From lung cancer to respiratory diseases, smoking is the source of all problems. Naturally, it has a huge impact on lung capacity. You should quit smoking right away. Nine months after quitting smoking, lung capacity increases by at least 10%.

3. Breathing.

Breathe deeply and spit it out for a long. Too simple? But it’s really an exercise that makes your lungs healthy. It is also helpful to lean your back round, stand, inhale, stop for 10 seconds, and exhale.

4. Vitamin D.

Studies have shown that the higher the vitamin D level, the better the lung function. In summer, you can take the necessary vitamin D just by getting some sunlight, but in winter, the amount of sunlight is insufficient. Make sure to eat oil-rich fish, egg yolks, etc. Taking vitamin D supplements is also worth considering.

5. Singing a song.

Singing enhances lung function. According to the British Lung Foundation, singing is especially helpful for patients suffering from respiratory diseases.

6. Proper posture.

Studies have shown that sitting posture affects the lungs. Sitting bent down compresses the lungs and reduces lung capacity. Sit up straight. Proper posture also reduces back pain.