How to remove the smell of refrigerator.

source : pixabay

I opened the #Refrigerator out of curiosity!

If it smells bad all of a sudden,

You lose your appetite and feel bad.

All the ingredients that we cook and eat

Inside the refrigerator,

If it smells like this, it’s too difficult.

I didn’t really feel it,

HaHa, whose nose is sensitive,

Whenever I open the refrigerator door,

He must have been suffering from the #stinky smell.

You said there’s a smell monster coming out there.

To open the refrigerator door.

Because I dried my heart,

Hoho Mom decided to clean up.

Even if you let your guard down a little,

The ingredients are here and there.

The refrigerator that gets messy…

The smell spreads that fast, too.

Whenever I open the door and close it,

The smell of spreading…

It even makes the indoor air unpleasant.

Today, we’re going to talk about our precious ingredients.

I’m going to look at how to remove the odor from the refrigerator.

It’s a refreshing scent. Lemon and orange.

It’s used a lot in fish dishes.

#Lemon plays a role in controlling the fishy smell of fish.

If you use this lemon well,

#You can also remove the smell of the refrigerator.

Put a bowl in the refrigerator and put water in it.

Just soak the lemon and it’s done!

I won’t buy a new lemon.

You can use the lemons left after cooking.

Also, put the dried #orangeshell in the noodle pocket.

Even if you put it in the refrigerator,

Orange’s unique refreshing scent.

It helps get rid of the stale smell in the refrigerator.

Coffee beans that absorb the smell.

Something you can feel at a cafe.

A savory and fragrant scent of coffee beans.

The coffee grounds that filled up the scent…

You brought it home, right?

So that you can take it from the cafe for free.

If there’s a place to put it,

Make sure to bring it and use it.

#Bean grounds have the property of sucking in the smell

#absorbs the smell of the refrigerator smell of the refrigerator.

Before using it, a frying pan or…

Dry it well in the microwave.

If you put it in the refrigerator,

You can get rid of the odor.