How to use expired flour.

How to use expired flour.

Remove oil from kitchenware.

The first way to utilize expired flour is to remove the grease from kitchenware. Before washing greasy kitchen utensils such as ladles, plates, and frying pans, sprinkle flour on them and wipe them off with kitchen towels three to five minutes later to remove grease and make washing dishes much easier.
Remove oil from the sink.

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When cooking greasy food, oil splashes around the sink and walls, including gas stoves.

Unless you wipe off the grease immediately, it hardens over time and becomes difficult to wipe off, so let’s use flour, not a mop. If you gently sprinkle flour on the oil splattered area and wipe it off with a kitchen towel, it will be removed cleanly.
Wash fruits.

Flour that has passed its expiration date is also helpful in cleaning fruits. Flour absorbs harmful ingredients due to its strong adsorption, and if you evenly sprinkle flour on fruits eaten with the skin and wash them with clean water, you can effectively remove pesticides and pollutants from the fruit skin.
Washing sneakers.

It can also be helpful when washing contaminated sneakers.

The flour glue made in the ratio of one cup of flour to five cups of water is coated on sneakers, and after 30 minutes, rubbing the shoes with a brush removes contaminants and cleans them cleanly. In addition, it is easy to erase bathroom stains or oil stains on clothes with flour glue.
Remove the plastic container smell.

If there is any stain or smell left even if you wash the dishes in a plastic container for side dishes, use flour.

Mix flour and water in a plastic container, put them in it for an hour, and rinse them to remove the smell from the plastic. The strong adsorption of flour removes odors and stains.
Get rid of face oil.

If you have a lot of concerns because you usually have oily skin, try a pack made of flour. The method is simple. You can mix flour and oatmeal powder and put a pack on your face, which removes oil from your face and absorbs nutrients well into your face.