How to use leftover coffee grounds.

1. Compost and manure.

You already know that the leftover from the coffee will be a great manure. Coffee scraps are rich in nutrients such as phosphoric acid, nitrogen, and potassium, so plants are cut off.

It’s also a good compost. Earthworms sensitive to soil like coffee grounds.Dry the coffee grounds.Well, if you mix it well with the soil in the garden, the earthworms will gather and the earthworms will create corrosive soil in the garden and become fertile. You can think that rice paddies with a lot of earthworms are healthy soil.

2. Ant, snail, and wasp hate coffee grounds.

On the other hand, snails that ruin gardens hate coffee grounds.

I get angry when I think that snails ruin all of my precious crops. At this time, dry the coffee beans and sprinkle them on the soil. Then snails won’t get twisted around you.

Sometimes, small dogs come with them when they go to the mountains, but ants hate the smell of coffee. Also, you don’t like the smell of coffee grounds. Even if you don’t use pesticides separately, put coffee grounds on the path where ants come out when eradicating ants.

Also, insects that hate coffee scents have wasps.If you’re worried about going to the mountain and getting bees, it’s good to carry the scent of coffee as an air freshener. At this time, put the coffee grounds in a non-combustible container and light them with matchsticks. The smoke generated at this time is harmless to the human body, but there will be nothing like this to drive out wasps.

3. Fruit flies. Cats also fight off with coffee grounds.

Fruit flies often fly around food waste or garbage bags. Then, dry the coffee grounds.Strangely, fruit flies disappear if you spray them on food waste or put them in a garbage bag little by little.

It can also prevent street cats from rummaging through garbage bags. Cats hate the bitter scent of coffee grounds.

This time, let’s find out how to use the scraps in our daily lives.

4. Deodorant in the fridge.

If you store strong-smelling food in the refrigerator, the smell may quickly permeate the entire refrigerator and be unpleasant. At this time, if you put the coffee grounds in a container, the smell of the refrigerator disappears.

5. Wipe the oily frying pan.

Use coffee grounds to wipe off dirty pots or frying pans. You’ll find it easier to wipe than detergent.

6. Hair pack.

Use nutritious coffee scraps mixed with hair packs.It makes split hair and dry hair glossy.

7. Coffee scraps and olives.

Mix olive oil with coffee scraps and gently massage under your eyes to relieve dark circles around your eyes.

8. Grill cleaning.

It’s not easy to clean the burnt grill. At this time, rub the grille with coffee grounds on a sponge. And after a while, if you rinse it off with lukewarm water, you can see that it’s surprisingly perfect.

9. Remove dog fleas.

Some of the ways to use coffee grounds are very effective. It’s when your dog is infected with a flea. At this time, if you bury the powdered coffee all over the dog’s body and gently massage the inside of the fur, the fleas will fall off. It’s a perfect way to use coffee grounds.

10. Suje soap.Cellulite removal.

Many people mix coffee grounds to make handmade soap. It also cleans well, but it helps remove cellulite. Isn’t skin, cleaning, and exfoliating great?

11. Remove furniture defects.

It’s amazing that if you soak the coffee grounds in boiling water and wipe the furniture with a soft cloth, not only scratches but also luster the furniture.

12. Get rid of the smell when you cook.

13. Shinbangjang moisture removal.

14. Natural dehumidifiers in the closet.