Paradise Hotel Busan, Winter Healing

Paradise Hotel Busan has introduced a “Winter Hue” package that can refresh your mind and body by relieving fatigue at a warm spa for the winter season.

This package is designed to allow visitors to enjoy a winter vacation in Haeundae Ocean View as demand for travel continues to recover due to the pandemic. From winter spa therapy to leisurely tea time, you can enjoy a variety of customized benefits suitable for a lively New Year’s healing trip. The stay period can also be selected until February 28, so it is also good to prepare for a Seolcance full of rest and romance in time for the Lunar New Year holiday.

First of all, when using the package, citron tea, which helps improve immunity in winter, is provided at Aqua Bar along with the benefit of using the outdoor hot spring spa “Cimer” all-day. You can experience true healing with a warm spa and relaxing tea time while enjoying the winter sea.

When staying in a suite room, Fortnum and Mason’s Afternoon Blend black tea bag (25T) will be presented as a gift. It boasts excellent quality as a representative product of Fortnum & Mason, a world-renowned black tea brand that has won the Royal Warranty from the British royal family. It is an opportunity to taste the finest black tea in a luxurious suite room and experience British afternoon tea culture in a different way.

In addition, it includes the benefits of using the outdoor Ocean Spa Full All Day, as well as the benefits of using various auxiliary facilities such as BMW Kids Driving and Haba Kids Lounge, filling the winter trip more abundantly. Depending on the product type, it offers a breakfast buffet of “On the Plate,” the essence of high-end Gourmet, so you can also enjoy a gourmet vacation that boosts your appetite in winter according to your taste. 부산 호텔 추천

An official from Paradise Hotel Busan said, “The interest in the New Year’s vacation has been hotter than ever, so we have introduced a package for a winter healing trip,” adding, “We hope you can shake off old fatigue and start the new year energetically with benefits that help you stabilize your mind and body.”