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The difference between pilates and yoga 2

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In the case of pilates, we rarely have time to meditate because it aims to correct the body parts that have pain or need correction, correct posture, and rehabilitate. If you feel pain due to twisting of your neck, waist, pelvis, or legs, or need correction, it will be helpful to choose pilates that can correct muscles and bones.

The difference between the mat and the equipment.

Both exercises require mats. Unlike yoga, which can not exercise with bare hands on the mat, Pilates uses more diverse tools to increase the body’s muscles and range of motion. Tools can be used differently depending on the posture, such as props and larger tools.

The intensity of exercise.

Then, which of the two exercises is stronger?

If both took the same 50 minutes of class, yoga consumes 145 calories. Hot yoga or power can consume up to 250 calories in class. In the case of Pilates, about 175 calories are consumed in 50 minutes classes, and in the case of intermediate or higher classes with more difficulty, 255 to 275 calories can be consumed.

In fact, as a result of checking how strengthened the body was, it was found that those who took yoga classes three times a week for eight weeks increased their flexibility by an average of 24%. It has also been confirmed that the muscle strength has been strengthened, and the existing figures show that you can do six more push-ups.

One of the differences in yoga pilates is the degree of muscle strength.

Both exercises are helpful in strengthening muscle strength, but Pilates is more advantageous in strengthening muscle strength. Some experiments show that Pilates increases the hip, spine, abdomen, and core muscles by about 310%. In terms of flexibility, it is more helpful in improving hamstring muscles and hip muscles.

Let’s think about what exercise I need now.

It is necessary to think about whether you want to train your mental part to relieve stress or focus more on physical muscle training such as strengthening your abdomen and spine.

Pilates has a clearer purpose for rehabilitation, but both exercise methods have something in common that correct posture and refine body lines if you repeat the right movements steadily. I hope you know the difference between yoga and pilates and make a healthy body and mind in a way that suits you.