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The difference between pilates and yoga.

source : pixabay

There’s a saying that the busier you are, the more time you should take.

For busy and urgent modern people, this may not be sympathetic, but at least it should be engraved in health care. In life, I often get stressed and pay attention to my immediate work. But at times like that, it is necessary to take your breath together and relax. And it is yoga that helps this behavior that feels difficult.

A few years ago, when a famous celebrity appeared on TV and showed yoga, the number of students at YOGA academies nationwide increased.

However, as more and more celebrities started Pilates, Pilates became the mainstream from a few years ago. However, rather than choosing exercise according to the trend, it is necessary to know the characteristics of exercise and choose what suits me.

The orientation is different.

One of the differences in yoga pilates is the goal. It can also be seen as a purpose, and the purpose of yoga is mental and physical training. The focus is on feeling your body, meditating, and objectively looking at your current state. It is important to feel the minute changes in the body through meditation and movements called Asana, so the expression training is used more than exercise.

However, the purpose of Pilates is rehabilitation.

The purpose is to develop balance and flexibility by using various instruments to correct the twisted or uncomfortable body. In particular, it focuses on strengthening core muscles such as abs and spinal muscles to develop overall balance and strength of the body.

The difference in breathing.

YOGA breathes slowly through the nose and focuses on controlling the body by inhaling and exhaling. Use your nose when inhaling, and when your ribs swell, open your chest wide to stretch your body, and when exhaling, use your nose to put your stomach back in.

However, in Pilates breathing, we use our chest and ribs. Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and use your chest angle. This is called chest breathing. If you are not familiar with breathing, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth regardless of the exercise method, which is not wrong, but in general, you inhale and exhale through your nose in yoga.


One of the differences in yoga pilates is whether or not to meditate. In your busy daily life, you have time to let go of your body and mind tired of stress and various misconceptions and look inside according to the flowing music. Yoga sometimes fills the class with meditation time, or meditates before moving.

Meditate before or after the first movement, focus on breathing, and control your mind. After these meditations, you can feel calm, relaxed, and relieved stress and tension.