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The difference between yellow dust and fine dust.

In the past, yellow dust was a headache.
It was always on the news.
But since when…
The word fine dust…
Instead, it’s appearing.

Will it be yellow dust and fine dust?
What’s the difference?
From now on, the definition and difference between the two…
Let’s take a look!

The yellowish brown dirt.
The identity of yellow dust!

Yellow dust is mostly in northern China.
The wind from Mongolia.
It refers to yellowish brown soil dust.

It usually occurs around March to May.
The reason yellow dust is dangerous is because…
Through China, where industrialization has progressed,
The concentration of heavy metals such as silicon, lead, cadmium, etc.
It’s because it’s increased.

Serious air pollutants,
The identity of fine dust!

Fine dust in our eyes…
Invisible atmosphere, minute…
It refers to particulate matter.

Fine dust is when coal and oil are burned,
or manufacturing, automobile smoke, etc.
It’s from the exhaust gas.
Through the bronchial tubes, various lung diseases…
It is a serious air pollutant that causes it.

yellow dust and fine dust.

Yellow dust and smog.
It affects the concentration of fine dust.
It has a negative effect on the respiratory system.
It’s known to do so.

But in yellow dust, dirt dust gets on the wind.
While it’s a moving natural phenomenon,
Fine dust in factories, cars, etc.
It’s generated from fossil fuels.
Artificial pollutants are the main cause.