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Types of hair loss.

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Types of hair loss.

Hair loss is still scientifically clear.
Nothing has been proven.

I’m sure there are many reasons and causes,
The majority of professionals are stressed out,
Nutrition imbalance, hormonal balance abnormalities,
It’s good for your scalp, blood circulation, excess sebum,
I cite it as the biggest reason.

If you divide hair loss into three types,

– Hair loss due to scarring (burn or trauma)

– Hair loss without any signs.

– Physiological hair loss.
It can be divided into two.

1, Half-trained hair loss (= syndrome hair loss)

Destruction of hair follicles makes tissues fibrous.
It hardens (the phenomenon of hardening).
It leads to permanent hair loss.

Cause – Trauma such as burns or wounds
Radiation dermatitis, infection, originality,
A caustic room alone (half of mask with white scars),
Tumor, falsetto, vocal folliculitis, mogo line squamous gland,

Trauma or pathological factors such as erythematous loops are the main causes.

2. Anaphylococcus aureus.

The tissue doesn’t become fibrous.
Hair follicles are preserved as much as you want.
It can be alleviated with constant management.

** Types of hair loss that are non-spoiled.

1) Circular alopecia.

Cause- Blood circulation disorder caused by the autonomic nervous system
(Extreme stress over a short period of time)

Feature-The hair loss area is round and the boundary is clear.

2) Male hair loss.

Cause- Effects of Male Hormones (Androgen)

Feature-The most powerful androgen, androgen.
The most representative one is testosterone.
It develops hairs in other parts of the body, but
Especially the hair on the forehead and top of the head.

It inhibits development.

Male hormones come out vigorously.

Sebum glands develop and secrete a lot of sebum.
It leads to boring hair loss.

Hypothesis- “often bald people have strong energy.”

This is why the theory came out.
But it’s full of male hormones.

It’s just a myth that I’m strong energy.
Nothing has been scientifically proven.

3) Irritable hair loss.

Cause- Lack of vitamin A, D, gastrointestinal disorders, dandruff

Features- Your hair gets dry and less shiny.
It is characterized by dandruff on the scalp.

4) Absent hair loss.

Cause- Strong stimulation or constant stimulation

[Note – Pull your hair hard]
I’m going to put pressure on my scalp with a tie or tight hat.
If you give it to me for a long time, my breast milk will shrink.
It can also lead to hair loss.

5) Bored alopecia.

Cause – excessive secretion of male hormones
Ovarian dysfunction.

Features- As your scalp becomes oily,

Your hair becomes thinner and sticky.
You may get dandruff.

6) Nervous hair loss.

Cause- Constant stress

The difference from circular alopecia is that
The boundary between hair loss areas is uncertain.

7) Genetic hair loss.

Cause- When your family has hair loss,

Features-mainly appears in men.

Hypothesis: “Bold hair appears throughout the generation”.
This is also not scientifically proven.
A hypothesis is just a hypothesis.

8) Malnutrition, alopecia.

Causes-Animal protein intake, diet

If you lack nutrients due to dieting,
Our body contains nutrients in our pores and hair.
At the end of the day,
Lack of nutrition leads to hair loss.
At this time, women sometimes have irregular menstruation.